Take the Pressure Out of Lawn Maintenance

Ask us about our hydromulch and hydroseeding services in Farragut, IA

If you're looking for a way to cut your yard work in half, hire Roush Construction & Landscaping for a quick hydroseeding job. With one thorough overlay of hydromulch, we can help your lawn retain moisture - which means that the seeds will germinate faster. Compared to broadcasting and drill seeding, hydroseeding is the most effective way to prepare your topsoil and protect your lawn against erosion.

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Is hydroseeding more effective than laying sod?

In short, the answer is yes! For a third of the price, hydroseeding can provide better results in a single season than laying down sod. Since hydromulch adapts to different types of soil and growing conditions, hydroseeding is a great way to grow a lush, green lawn in various environments.

For a clean, healthy lawn throughout the seasons, choose us for hydroseeding services.

What hydroseeing methods do we use?

If you’re struggling to grow a healthy lawn, soil erosion might be the cause of the problem. Our team of professionals can fix erosion issues by providing hydroseeding services. When you hire us, we can restore your lawn with:

  • Hydraulic application — we’ll use a mixture of water, seed and fertilizer for fast coverage
  • Manual application—we'll lay down the hydromulch by hand for more precision
  • Mechanical application—we'll use a broadcaster to cover large areas

Don’t let soil erosion destroy your beautiful lawn. Contact us for comprehensive hydroseeding services.