Brighten Up Your Landscape

Arrange for flower bed or retaining wall installation services in Farragut, IA

The land around your property says a lot to those passing by. If your home's lawn or your commercial space has dying grass, it doesn't reflect well on you as the owner. Make your property look exceptional with help from Roush Construction & Landscaping. We offer a wide range of services in Farragut, IA, including retaining wall installation and flower bed refurbishing.

You can trust us with your residential or commercial landscaping needs. No matter where you live in the Farragut area, leave the job to us. Call today to schedule an appointment.

We make the landscaping process easy on you

We make the landscaping process easy on you

You want your property to look its best but you don't want to stress over the work. That's why we're here! When you choose us for landscaping work, we'll:

  • Discuss your landscaping options and look over your land
  • Prepare a budget and schedule that works for you
  • Handle the entire landscaping process

Don't go another day with dying grass, bushes or trees. Leave your lawn care to the top-notch professionals at Roush Construction & Landscaping. We can complete your retaining wall installation, shrub replacement or flower bed refurbishing project.